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As usual there are always many irons in the fire so I am very happy to show off my newest completed project. These little luchadores were sculpted in wax, molded in Mold Max XLS and cast in Smooth Cast So Strong clear resin. Each cast is tinted with various dyes and pigment powders.


I am already currently working on Green Ant’s tag team partner, Fire Ant! Naturally, they will be available as a set.


You can purchase your own little, Green Ant resin luchador at both my store: and The Colony’s merch site:









GlamourLineup SolidSeafoamGlam SolidSeaFoam1 GreenClear1  SeafoamGlamour2 SeafoamGlamou4

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Felt like posting a WIP blog for a project i’ve been having a lot of fun with.  He’s still VERY rough and needs a lot of work still. Sculpted in castilene. He will have a decorative round base when finished bringing him to about 7 inches tall. It will be molded and cast in resin, garage kit style, with a mold for each arm and a single mold for the torso. I’m going to have to try out a few methods to get his antenna right. Most likely will be cast in resin seperately and attached, like the arms. I can’t wait till I get to cast a few of these guys in some green clear resins!

Ok. Back to work!












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I had a lot of fun working on these for Ms. Daffney @ScreamQueenDaff. They are now available in her online store here! Below I included some photos of the WIP in wax and the finished product.







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So almost a year ago, I sat down to my desk and sculpted my stress away. I was spending all my time working in hard, slow wax for the Monkeynaut prototype. I needed a break to losen myself back up. This silly little catfish was the result!


Well, he was molded and casted a few times but eventually ended up on the back burner when life got in the way. I’m happy to say I finally got to revisit this little cutie. I’ve had some real fun bringing a small army of them to life!


 NOW, you can finally get your hands on one! Head on over to my store and pick out a cute desk mate for yourself!


The Fatty Cats are the first of quite a few personal projects I’ve had in the works. Time to give these neglected resin ramblings some love and attention! Stay tuned for more resin creations!













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I had way too much fun with this one guys. The Resilient Submission Specialist, Green Ant of Chikara’s famous trio The Colony, asked me to do a design for him. So I hope you all enjoy wearing it as much I did working on it!


They will be available at Wrestlecon THIS weekend! You know I will be wearing mine!


GreenAntShirtPromo GreenAntVector

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What can I say? I had a great time, once again, working on a new shirt for the Kentucky Gentleman himself, Chuck Taylor and his rag tag ..tag team! It of course includes the esteemed Doctor Colonel Nolan Angus, the always smelly but incredibly lovable Swampy, the ever intoxicated ‘Freshly Squeezed’ Orange Cassidy, and ‘The Legal Eagle’ Drew Gulak.


I had a ton of fun with this one and they just might be available at Wrestlecon THIS weekend! Be the first to sport this awesome shirt!



GentsShirt2Finished GentsShirt2MockUp

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A second Chocobo commission for a wonderful client. He had requested a mother chocobo with it’s baby and their pet cat. It is a gift for his expecting wife who adores these silly feathered characters.


I really enjoyed working on this. It was definitely a learning experience once again. This time I chose to work with Magic Sculpt. It’s actually the first time i’ve tried this stuff out. Over all, im a big fan. Sets up as hard as a rock, sandable, and has pretty good amount of work time. Still though, it has its drawbacks that I had to learn to work around but I look forward to using Magic Sculpt again soon!


Still learning every time I sit down and paint as well. Color matching, adding details, dealing with texture. All fun but I still prefer to sculpt all day instead 😉



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Hey guys!! Remember those Colony charms I did for Chikara?

Well, I may have made a deal with the devil…well more like goblin prince. I’ve agreed to create charms for Kobald in exchange for him sparing my life AND free vacations to Bled Island!

You can buy them now at !!

Keychains, pins, earrings, magnets! Get em while they last!


KobaldBlank1KobaldBlank2 KobaldsWIP1 KobaldsWIP2



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Do you guys remember my little vinyl kaiju toy?! Well, Dski_One has put his painting flair on these Glow-in-dark Monkeynauts! You can get them January 18th noon PST from the wonderful people at 


They come blind bagged, with 2 possible colorways. It’s a 7″ tall figure with articulated in the arms, feet & waist. These are going to retail for $75, and they come with a custom header card!


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I learned a lot working on this commission piece! I now know that birds are fun to sculpt and feathers are NOT. At least I can now probably sculpt a pile of feathers with my eyes closed!





Work in progress roundup!