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I learned a lot working on this commission piece! I now know that birds are fun to sculpt and feathers are NOT. At least I can now probably sculpt a pile of feathers with my eyes closed!





Work in progress roundup!


Well, I finally get to share this project with you!


This critter was created as a gift to my awesome sister . I finally was able to visit and give it to her and since it was a surprise I had to keep it on lockdown.


This is my second venture into soft body sculptures/dolls and my first time working with fur fabric. The head, paws, and feet are all one of a kind (no molds used or created) sculpted in Super Sculpey regular and firm (mixed 50/50). After baking they were painted both by airbrush and paintbrush. The tail is posable. There is no armature inside, just polyfill stuffing and pellets for weight.


This critter was not meant to be a 100% anatomical representation of a chinchilla but more of a fun, overly fluffed, whimsical version. Hope you guys like him!