Now With More Gulak!


A few months back I blogged about some fun t-shirt designs I did for Chuck Taylor and his stable, The Gentleman’s Club here!


Well…I can’t say whose fault it really is, *Cough*not mine, but one of the key members of the club was not included in the shirt design. I made my promise to the ‘Legal Eagle’ Drew Gulak, that I would fix it.


I finally was able to set aside time to right the wrong and here is the new and improved shirt design!




~ You can purchase the shirts here! ~


Get to know the crazy cast of characters on Youtube! They have 8 hilarious episodes and counting!


Also check them out on twitter:


The Kentucky Gentleman, Chuck Taylor

The Legal Eagle, Drew Gulak

Freshly Squeezed, Orange Cassidy

Doctor Colonel Nolan Angus

and the lovable Swamp Monster


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